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Our Story

Having lived a hard life on the road for more than a decade, Eddie Silver emanates the consciousness and swagger of a true golden age rockstar possessing a genuinely magnetic charisma and strong songwriting abilities. In constant pursuit of his dreams he’s travelled the globe touring and playing with various bands until fatefully meeting bandmate Matt Mio in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. In mid 2018, Eddie and Matt formed a two man pop rock band named TANTRiX. The band’s name means “The Teaching” and supports the open expression of creativity as well as the positive effects of unity amongst people. Eddie is the lead guitarist/vocalist and Matt is the drummer/backup singer.

Since the band’s forming in 2018, TANTRiX has self produced a 13 song album which is set for release on January 6th, 2020. The songs on the album cover a wide scope of both band members’ diverse musical tastes, embodying them into a coherent radio-friendly format and allowing listeners to experience a rollercoaster journey of exciting, emotional, and thought provoking lyrics, melodies and hooks. The band’s abilities to blend genres and write super catchy hooks is sure to leave you with a lasting impression!

Latest News

TANTRiX has officially released a music video for “We Become One”!!! Check it out at the top of the site of follow the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGiMClaEJeA

TANTRiX plans to release their second single “Lost In My Dreams” along with a music video during the last week of November 2018!!!

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Contact Us

For Bookings & Business Inquiries:
Email: tantixband@gmail.com
Call: 416-706-1500


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